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ANTIPASTO PLATTER Imported Italian meats of mortadella, capicola, and salami with provolone cheese served with green and black olives and pepperoncini. $11.00

BRUSCHETTA BREAD Toasted Italian bread with tomatoes, provolone and fresh basil. $6.00

BAKED CLAMS Top neck clams stuffed and baked to perfection. ½ dozen $10.00 1 dozen $19.00

SPINACH AND ARTICHOKE DIP Creamy blend of artichokes, spinach, and mozzarella cheese served with Italian bread. $8.00

MOZZARELLA STICKS Served with marinara sauce. $6.50

FRIED CALAMARI Lightly breaded served with marinara sauce. $10.00

BONACERI STYLE CALAMARI Lightly breaded and fried to a golden brown tossed in a spicy red sauce with onions and green peppers. $11.00

STUFFED ARTICHOKE Stuffed with our own special breading and baked. $10.00

MUSSELS POMODORO 12 CT. Sautéed in marinara or garlic butter sauce. $10.00

POTATO SKINS Shredded cheddar & mozzarella cheese, bacon pieces served with a side of sour cream. $7.00

BUFFALO WINGS Choice of: Insane, Hot, Spicy BBQ, Super Teriyaki, 10 piece $9.00
BBQ, Garlic Honey Mustard or Mango Habanero 20 piece $18.00
Served with celery sticks and your choice of Ranch or Blue Cheese. 30 piece $27.00

CHICKEN TENDERS Choice of: Insane, Hot, Spicy BBQ, Super Teriyaki, 5 piece $8.00
BBQ, Garlic Honey Mustard, Mango Habanero, or Caribbean Jerk. 10 piece $16.00
Served with celery sticks and your choice of Ranch or Blue Cheese. 15 piece $24.00

CHEESE FRIES Homemade French fries topped with melted shredded cheddar cheese. $5.50

SUPREMO FRIES Homemade French fries topped with melted shredded cheddar cheese, bacon, and chili. $11.00

PIZZA BREAD Fresh Italian bread topped with homemade pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese. $5.00 Add your choice of additional toppings each for $1.00

POTATO CHIPS Homemade potato chips cooked to a golden brown. $4.00 Add Blue Cheese Sauce $2.00

THE FAMILIA COMBO This is our house combination appetizer platter. We start with loaded fries in the center surrounded by 3 mozzarella sticks, 3 potato skins, 3 pieces of pizza bread, 3 pieces of bruschetta and six of our wings. Served with ranch and marinara sauce. $22.00

ONION BLOSSOM A large onion sliced and hand battered served with Caliendo’s version of a horseradish sauce with a twist we call tumbleweed sauce. $8.00

GIAMBOTTA A great mix of Italian sausage, green peppers and potatoes sautéed in Olive Oil. $7.00

CAJUN CRAB CLAWS 6 crab claws sautéed in garlic butter and Cajun spices $11.00

AHI TUNA PLATE Seared rare sesame and pepper crusted Ahi tuna served on a bed of seaweed and lettuce with a spicy wasabi and soy sauce. $14.00


SALADS: Add to any salad Grilled Chicken Breast $4, Grilled Steak for $6, Grilled Shrimp for $9, or Ahi Tuna for $9.

CALIENDO’S ANTIPASTO SALAD Fresh tossed salad, provolone cheese, Italian meats, Small green & black olives, pepperoncini, tomatoes and onions with our homemade Italian dressing. $9.00  Large $11.00

CAESAR SALAD Romaine lettuce tossed with homemade croutons & Romano cheese in Caesar Dressing. $8.00

CAPRESE SALAD Sliced tomato, fresh mozzarella and fresh basil, drizzled with Italian dressing and Balsamic Vinegar topped with Romano cheese. $8.50

CHOPPED SALAD Chopped romaine and iceberg lettuce mixed with ditalini pasta, bacon, tomato, onion & shredded mozzarella with Italian dressing. $11.00

HOUSE SALAD Our house blend lettuce served with tomato and croutons. $3.00

GARDEN SALAD A larger portion of our house salad. $7.00

CRUNCHY CHICKEN SALAD Chopped lettuce mix, tomatoes, shredded cheddar cheese,
red onion, egg, topped with crunchy chicken tenders served with side of dressing. $12.00

BBQ CHICKEN SALAD Chopped lettuce mix, grilled chicken breast, corn and black bean salsa,
Diced tomatoes, tortilla strips, drizzled with BBQ sauce and served with ranch dressing.

MANDARIN SALAD Chopped mixed greens topped with sliced red onion, Mandarin oranges,
dried cranberries, candied walnuts and blue cheese.

Salads served with choice of dressing: House Italian, Caesar, Ranch, Honey Mustard, Blue Cheese, or Creamy Garlic.

SOUP OF THE DAY Your server will provide details. Cup $3.00 Bowl $5.00

PASTA FAGIOLI Papa’s scratch recipe with fresh vegetables, beans and pasta. Cup $3.00 Bowl $5.00

CLAM CHOWDER Homemade served on Fridays only. Cup $3.00 Bowl $5.00

BOWL OF SOUP & SALAD Served with hot Italian bread. $8.00



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